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Modern-day Love Poetry – 05/10/2020

BloodRedStar are excited to welcome submissions for our next writing community project. ‘Modern-day Love Poetry’ will seek to hold poems from the depths of loving hearts. It’s time to swoon. Let’s celebrate love together.

I N T R O S P E C T I V E – 24/09/2020

We are pleased to announce the release of ‘INTROSPECTIVE’. Once again the writing community have come together to create an incredibly insightful anthology of poetry exploring relationships, heartbreak, hand-picked memories, and contemplations of identity within those spaces. The poet’s reflections provide food for personal growth and opportunities to learn from their journeys.
UK: Introspective
US: Introspective

Wrapped Up – 17/08/2020

BloodRedStar’s very own Nicole Wild released ‘Wrapped Up’, a novelette exploring societal opinions and issues surrounding grief.

Ellie experiences harsh realities and moments of desolate beauty when friends expect her to “get over” her loss and heartbreak.
This poignant look at grief and love will amaze readers.


BloodRedStar are now accepting submissions for a new poetry anthology INTROSPECTIVE. The collection will feature reflective work by poets worldwide, exploring and expressing a life which begins from within. Please find more details on our Call for Submissions page.

I for INFJ – 17/05/2020

On behalf of our community of poets, we are proud announce the launch of I for INFJ. Deeply emotional poetry from the introspective mind. An authentic and open exploration of internal worlds. The anthology launched at number one in Hot New Releases and is available at Amazon and on Kindle.

ROOTED – A OnceUnchained ANTHOLOGY – 2/4/2020

April sees the release of ROOTED – A OnceUnchained Anthology – by Nicole Wild. A collection of poems challenging modern perspectives on life, beautifully amplified by unique, creative flare. Nicole presents vivid scenes with intelligence and beauty; discreet moments from the flux and fire of life. Love, friendship, regret and desire are each painted with sensitivity and insight, provoking further reflections with each reading. Available on Amazon and Kindle.

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